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What happens at a playscheme?

Children arrive at their booked time and can decide from a range of activities that are on offer. Throughout the day there will be crafts, toys, games, sports, outings and books. We always try to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. We very much follow the children's lead and provide what they are interested in. 2019 saw us all going match attack crazy and we always wonder what will be next . We do plan ahead around a carefully chosen theme but we have learnt from experience that children enjoy something the most when it is "their choice". We accept that at these times we are just there to guide them, keep them safe and to play with them in the whatever way they decide. We never insist a child joins in with any planned activity as we all appreciate it is after all their school holiday.

What about lunch?


Children are requested to bring their own lunch and if they stay after 4.00 pm we suggest that they bring food for 'tea' also. We can microwave food if required. We do have a healthy eating policy so request no sweets, chewing gum etc and no nuts as we do have allergy sufferers in attendance. Lunch is usually held at 12.00 pm but this may be flexible if the children are involved in an activity which they do not want disrupting. It may also be earlier or later whilst on any outings. Water and milk are provided throughout the day and a healthy morning and afternoon snack is offered to all children all included in the fees.

What do i need to bring?


In addition to a packed lunch/tea, we ask that children bring the following (as needed)



waterproof coat

sensible shoes- no flip flops

any medication -inhalers/epi pen

We do not mind children bringing items like Nintendos, i pads , small toys but please ensure your child understands these will only be available to them for short periods throughout the day and then will be stored securely by practitioners.

How much does it cost and where can I book?

The cost of the playscheme includes all activities, snacks, drinks and outings. Parents will never be asked for any additional monies( with the exception of pre planned large trips such as theme parks, seasides etc and this will only be to cover transport)

9.00-3.00 4-8 years £18.00

9.00-3.00 over 8 years £16.50

We are open 7.00am-6.00pm and additional hours between these times are available to ensure you have the childcare you need. We offer discount for block bookings and for larger families. We are OFSTED registered so you can claim tax credits to help with childcare costs and we accept childcare vouchers.

Booking forms are released three weeks before every school holiday on the website.If you need to book further in advance please email us and we will send you the documents.

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